2017 Recipients

JLSF Scholarship Recipient:Michelle Lupissan

t is a great honor to be a recipient of this scholarship, and I am extremely grateful to the Japanese Language Scholarship Foundation for supporting me in my journey to improving as a Japanese teacher. Being a teacher has allowed me to make many meaningful connections with my students, while also being able to pursue my passion of studying the Japanese language and culture. I would like to thank my mentors not only for assisting me with the scholarship process, but for their unwavering guidance since my early high school days. This opportunity would not be possible without their support, and the support of Aurora Foundation. Thank you very much!     


I was born and raised in Salinas, California. I began studying Japanese my freshman year in high school, and enjoyed it so much that I decided to attend California State University, Monterey Bay to major in Japanese. Through this program, I was able to spend one year studying abroad at J.F. Oberlin University in Machida, Japan. I returned home to complete my graduation thesis, and received my B.A. in Japanese Language & Culture. After graduation, I had the great opportunity to return to Japan through the JET Program, where I worked as an Assistant Language Teacher for one year in Shingu, Wakayama. This past year, I worked on receiving my teaching credential, attending classes once again at CSUMB and student teaching Japanese in Salinas. I plan to stay in the Salinas area this upcoming school year, and this winter I plan to use the scholarship to return to Japan. Being immersed once again in the language and culture will allow me to strengthen my knowledge on the content and my confidence in my language skills. I believe this will have a great impact on my teaching abilities as well. Furthermore, I will use this opportunity to document the voices of Japanese students and teachers - specifically on the topic of Education in Japan. I hope to bring back many resources like this in order to provide my students the opportunity to learn through authentic materials.

Aurora Challenge Grant Recipient: Jeffrey Gee Chin