Makiko Hirata

An international pianist and recording artist, Makiko Hirata is “Doctor Pianist,”
on a mission to promote music and musicians as healing agents in this world.

As a consultant to Houston Methodist Hospital’s Center for Performing Arts Medicine,
she collaborates with researchers to quantify the benefit of music.
Believing in the power of music to encourage empathy,
she serves a US-Japan Leadership Program’s Scott M. Johnson Fellow.

She is currently authoring a book on her triumph over a fifteen-year battle against stage fright, stereotypes,
and sexual harassment as a young Japanese pianist navigating the classical music industry.

Dr. Pianist is a Shigeru Kawai artist. 


日本生まれ。香港育ち 。ピアノで遊び始めたのは2 歳半。
日本語と広東語と英語のちゃんぽんで しゃべっていた娘を「音楽は世界の共通語」と母が励まし、3 歳でレッスン開始。
18 歳のボリボリビア演奏旅行を皮切りに国際的な演奏活動を展開。世界の架け橋としての音楽活動を目標に、
2017 年以降米日財団のリーダーシッププログラムのフェローとして活動。