The primary goal of the scholarships are to assist who are Japanese language teachers or graduate students of Japanese language education, to experience living in Japan and further their understanding of the Japanese language, improve their teaching abilities, and enrich their appreciation of Japanese culture.

All their future students will share in the benefits realized from these scholarships.


JLSF Scholarship Information



awarded to a US citizen who resides in California and has a unique dream, in any field of endeavor, which is related to Japanese culture and which would never be realized without traveling to Japan.

The award goes to an individual with a creative dream or challenge that if fulfilled, would contribute to global goodwill and intercultural appreciation.

By awarding this grant, the Aurora Foundation hopes to help the winner enhance their pursuit of their truest, most heartfelt dream by providing them with the opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience. Through this experience, and by furthering the pursuit of their dream projects, the recipients continue to gain and share a better understanding of Japan.


Aurora Challenge Grant Information