Saori Yuki & Sachiko Yasuda

Saori Yuki & Sachiko Yasuda atorvastatin medicine Sachiko Yasuda and buy imatinib 100 mg online fast shipping Saori Yuki are sisters who, affiliated with the Hibari Children’s Choir as young girls, went on to be professional singers of children’s songs.

Later, the former debuted as a classical singer while the latter went into popular music.

But one day their mother said to them,
“The genre doesn’t matter with songs that can move people, right?
Why then can’t you two sing together?”

With that encouragement, they shared a stage together,
and in 1986 they began their “sister concerts.”

They have now been singing together for 30 years, continuing their music activities with the hope that they can deliver to today’s children those Japanese songs handed down to us by our predecessors.   

Saori Yuki 

Saori made her debut in 1969 with the song “Scat in the Dark,” a tremendously successful hit, creating a scat storm.
She won numerous awards with songs like “Tegami” (Letter) and “Koibumi” (Love Letter).
In 1983, Saori appeared in the movie “Family Game,” winning the Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the Mainichi Film Awards. She went on to take part in dramas and other films as an actress as well as playing other roles including an emcee and a narrator.
In the fall of 2011, Saori collaborated with the jazz orchestra Pink Martini of the United States to create the album “1969,” which was sold and distributed in over 50 countries around the world and became a global hit as the album climbed up to first place in the All U.S. Jazz Chart on iTunes. Saori then appeared as a guest performer for Pink Martini, not just in the U.S. but also in other locations such as Paris and Bahrain. She has received multiple awards such as the Education Minister’s Award in Selected Arts and the Emperor’s Autumn Purple Medal, both in 2012.
In 2014, as a celebration of her 45th year since her debut, Saori held special performances, releasing cover albums “VOICE” and “VOICE II.”
She released a new song “Journey Called Life” on February 10 and another “I Will Live On with You (Saori Yuki Sings Teresa Teng)” on July 27, both in 2016 (Universal Music Japan).
In March she was given the NHK Broadcast Cultural Award.

Sachiko Yasuda  

Sachiko studied at Tokyo University of the Arts and went into classical singing, making her debut as Susanna in the opera “The Marriage of Figaro.
She has also appeared in other operas by Mozart, Wagner, and others. She then studied at the Julliard School in New York as well as at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester.
After teaching at Tokyo University of the Arts for 18 years, she retired in order to focus on her concert performances. Her reputation as a voice trainer is outstanding, having taught students who now appear in musicals in the likes of Shiki Theatrical Company.
In concerts, she sings a wide variety of music including Japanese tunes, nursery rhymes, traditional songs, and classical pieces, showcasing beautiful Japanese language, versatile expressions, and heart-warming stage performances. She also gives lectures and speeches.
In addition, Sachiko serves as a council member of the public-service corporation Plan Japan, a special instructor at Soen School of Childcare Professions, and an advisor for the non-profit organization “Smile of Japan through Music.”
In July, 2013, she received the Education Minister’s Award for her work in communicating the beauty of the Japanese language and the heart of the Japanese people through children’s songs and traditional music.